Fortexis is an agricultural-centric asset management initiative dedicated to the generation of attractive risk-adjusted returns through institutional-quality, investment manager-operator, investment teams. The purpose of Fortexis is to innovate, real asset, investment strategies focused on: (i) the production and distribution of agricultural commodities and of tangential vertically integrated companies; and (ii) the advancement and dissemination of agricultural technologies. The principal's of Fortexis have a long history of successful operations within the finance and agricultural industries. Investment teams will be constructed to combine the on-the-ground experience of world-class operators with the asset management capability of sophisticated investment managers. Over the long term, investment manager-operator teaming, in real assets, delivers both yield and capital appreciation with superior risk management and transparency.

Fortexis has three central functions:

  • Innovate unique investment strategies
  • Manage and operate portfolios of productive real assets
  • Raise, scale and deploy capital from institutional investors

Ben Funk, Founding Partner of Fortexis, is an alternatives investor and entrepreneur. He serves as a Senior Advisor to a select group of commodity and investment management firms, globally. Dr. Funk has served at the Partner level for agriculture and finance firms for almost twenty years and has actively managed investment teams with operations spanning four continents. Named by Institutional Investor as a "Rising Star of Hedge Funds”, Ben has been a regular contributor to the financial press and has served as a Visiting Lecturer of Economics at DePaul University. He was formerly at Morgan Stanley and had earlier worked on the Chicago Board of Trade and New York Stock Exchange. He earned a BA from Purdue University and was awarded his Master of Research and PhD from the University of London, London Business School. Dr. Funk is a Fellow of the Aspen Institute.

RockBolt LLP, a leading London-based alternatives investment consultancy, serves as advisor to Fortexis.